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The 'Boy Astronaut' books


These three books were aimed at a very young readership (3-5?). All had black and white line drawings, by Trevor Ridley, accompanying the text. 'School....' features a character called Paula Yates, which may raise a smile nowadays among UK readers!

Boy Astronaut (DK - Afgang til månen)

Publishing details:

UK: Abelard-Schuman, 1977. Hardback only? £1:75.
DK: Munksgaard, 1978 p/b. ISBN 8-716-02859-7


Peter has been chosen as the first boy to take part in a mission to an uncharted area of the Moon in the spacecraft Apollo 20A. At first, all goes according to schedule, but when a hatch jams between the Lunar Module and the Command Module, the crew face two alternatives: death from lack of oxygen or from incineration on re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere- unless someone can squeeze through the tiny gap into the Lunar Module....

First Family On The Moon (DK - Familien på månen)

Publishing details:

UK: Abelard-Schuman, 1979. Hardback. £3:95. Also published as paperback in 1981 under their 'Red Grasshopper' series, £0:65.
DK: Munksgaard, 1980 p/b. ISBN 8-716-08625-2.

The Hills are a very unusual family. Captain Hill is an astronaut who has made several Moon landings. Peter Hill, aged twelve, has already been up in space once as a member of the Apollo 20A crew. Now the whole family is being sent to the Moon to take part in further N.A.S.A. experiments. At first it's all great fun, but then things go very wrong.

School On The Moon

Publishing details:

UK: Abelard-Schuman, 1981. Hardback. £3:50. Also published as paperback in 1981 under their 'Red Grasshopper' series, £0:95. ISBN 0-200-72744-3/43-5.


A group of families from all over Europe and the US have been sent to live on the Moon for a year, as part of a daring NASA experiment. They soon settle into their new home, but, unknown to them, an unscrupulous Middle Eastern tyrant is holding all the Earth governments to ransom - her hostages the Moon dwellers themselves!