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Photo of Hugh Walters Hugh Walters' real name was Walter Llewellyn Hughes. He was born on June 15th 1910 above a furniture shop in Bradley, and was educated at Dudley Grammar School (Dudley was of course the setting of 'The Mohole Mystery') and Wolverhampton College. He became co-director of "Bradsteds", Bradley Bedsteads, which produced iron-framed bedsteads, and ran his own furniture store, Walter Hughes Ltd (illustrated below). He was first married in 1931, to Doris Higgins, and had a son Walter and a daughter Gillian. Doris died in 1965 and in 1978 he married Susan (whose maiden name by coincidence was Hughes!). He passed away on Jan 13th 1993.

From the dustcover of "Passage To Pluto" (US edition): 1975

Hugh Walters has strong feelings about the purpose of a good science-fiction story. "SF stories should be credible and scientifically and technically accurate - young people are a very critical readership today," he says. "I believe a good SF story should (1) entertain, (2) educate painlessly, and (3) inspire the young people of today to be the scientists and technicians of tomorrow. To my surprise, an increasing number of girls are reading my books and writing to me - I am very happy about this."

If anyone knows what constitutes good science fiction, that person should be Hugh Walters, for Mr. Walters has a long list of successful science-fiction novels for young readers to his credit. In addition to writing, he has been managing director of an engineering firm, run a house-furnishings store, and served as a magistrate. He is a widower with two grown children and lives in Bilston, Staffordshire, England.

Photo of Hugh Walters From the dustcover of "Outpost on the Moon" (US edition): 1962
Hugh Walters is the Managing Director of an engineering company in England. He is a member of the British Interplanetary Society and tries to make his stories as credible and factual as possible, so that, as he says, "some of the young people who read them may be persuaded to take up a scientific or technical career, and join the ranks of those highly trained men whom the Western world so badly needs today." Mr Walters is married and the father of two children; a son in the R.A.F. and a daughter who is in nurses' training.

Photo Album and Scrapbook

Walters aged 3 Walters aged 18 Walters aged 31
Age 3 Age 18 Age 21
Shop where born Shop where born now Wolverhampton College Former home
Born 1910 above this shop. The first picture shows the shop when he was in charge, the second shows the building as it is today. The former Dudley Grammar School, now Wolverhampton College and probably the fictional "Wolverton College" in "Blast Off At Woomera". Bradley House
home 1928-1950
Former home Church where warden Nursing home
Elm Avenue
home 1950-
St. Leonard's Bilston, of which he was warden Atholl Avenue Nursing Home, where he passed away.
Parent's grave Parent's grave
His parents' grave in Bilston

Another photo Announcement of his death
Publicity shot Express and Star Newspaper
Friday Jan 15th 1993.

Family Tree

The original of this family tree was created by Hugh Walters' nephew, Christopher John Branford. If there are any omissions or errors (which may have crept in when it was converted for the website) please contact me.

Family tree

Autograph Book

Walters' own autograph book. Noted SF author Nicolas Fisk is one of many famous autographs here:

Autograph Book