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Cover of 'The Blue Aura'
Cover of 'Der Blaue Nebel'

The Blue Aura

(DE - Der Blaue Nebel)

Publishing details:

UK: Faber, 1979, in print until the early 80s, h/b. ISBN 0-571-11423-7.
DE: Schneider Buch, 1982, h/b. ISBN 3-505-08228-7 (p/b)


Our four friends visit Guernsey to investigate the recent upsurge in UFO sightings. They eventually meet angelic Visitors - beings who stand seven feet high and are perfection incarnate. However, the paranoid American General Whittle, in command of the UNO forces on the island, believes the Visitors are evil and plans to wipe them out with a nuclear missile...


An entertaining enough book to be sure, but in some ways the story is a mish-mash of 'First Contact?' and 'The Caves of Drach', but with the theological content a little less subtly handled - for example the passage where the Visitors sing a hymn of farewell is fairly unusual material for a science-fiction novel!

There are some amusing moments provided by General Whittle however. When he first sees the blue light which surrounds the Visitors, he wonders if it could be produced commercially!

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